Expert Huichol Beading for Everyone!

*** Please note that this information is slightly outdated and I am working to update it ASAP***
What we do: At Biulu Artisan Boutique we specialize in making beautiful classic Huichol art, jewelry and accessories which feature time-honored, modern and traditional-contemporary designs.
Furthermore, not only will you find a wide selection of Huichol inspired crafts but you will also find many other items inspired by many other indigenous groups from all over the Americas. That being said, our amazing customers fuel our passion and creativity, often by bringing us custom projects from around the world to design, develop and create.
For two wonderful years and counting BAB has been taking age old traditional jewelry designs and bringing them into today's world; modified and ready for daily use by anyone in a style that we like to call "Tribal High Fashion".
Whether its a traditional or spiritual piece you are looking for or if you are just looking to accessorize with unique, exotic and beautiful jewelry, we may have just the thing for you :)

How Biulu started and up until now: Biulu originally started with Lydia and the plan was simple: Design, make and promote Lydia's traditional Huichol jewelry on Etsy, however within months she became overwhelmed and needed to look for help. Beading takes time and as orders piled in, there was no time to develop the envisioned product line nor was there time to rest. Finding help was a crucial part of where Biulu is today.
So Lydia, belonging to the Huichol minority group here in Mexico (an often impoverished people), ensured the employment of the "right" people for the job...meaning sourcing primarily Huichol women arriving in the city out of desperate poverty from the villages.
While extreme poverty in Mexico is no secret, women arriving with no education (and often small children) are extremely vulnerable. As Lydia was raised and educated in the city, she felt obligated to help those she could.
First came Elvia, an extremely experienced beader who helps with everything from design to production. Then came Adela arriving with nothing, a single young mother from a tiny adobe hut village.
Later came Adela's older sister Yolanda, who was working 12 hours a day for $150 USD per month harvesting watermelon for export.
Finally came the newest addition, 18 year old Florinda, who's father is actually a chief but there is no work for her in her village.
Everyone together, Biulu is a fun and creative team with positive energy and momentum. Everyone loves designing with Lydia and learning about the world while researching designs and symbols.
Lydia's plan is to keep growing the work force as Biulu grows.

The story behind the name: The name Biulu, which is Zapotec for "Hummingbird" was inspired by Lydia's late father Jorge; as it was his favorite creature. Lydia felt it would be fitting to both honor Jorge as well as the familial ancestry.

Everyone at Biulu wants to share their heart warming gratitude for your business.

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